Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Are we going to move? Not from Rapid City, but to a different part. We've only been in our house for a little over a year but when we bought it, we didn't have a child and didn't plan on having one for a little while. Now we are with child and the house isn't the most child friendly. We had to make our dining room into his baby room. Now our dining room is the couch and our table is our laps. The bathroom upstairs has no shower and the tub is in need of replacing. We share a driveway and a 2 car garage with our neighbors and we have to drive out into the valley for daycare every day.

So, we are I guess toying with the idea of moving out to the valley now. Getting into a house that is a little more family friendly. So the question that is on everyone's mind, is it worth it? Should we do it? What are we getting into?

The houses we are looking at have more bedrooms, larger lot, more bathrooms, more house, 2 car garage, fenced yards for the dog and are quite a bit newer (our current house was built in 1935). We will have a longer drive to go to town, but we won't have to drive out to the valley for daycare and then back to town for work twice a day. Argh... I think I'm talking myself into it. Really though, it seems far more reasonable to be in a house that works for us... I don't think we should have to work for our house. There I said it...

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