Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ride Report

Over lunch today I went for a nice little jaunt. I rode the Heart Ranch loop again only this time I mixed in some 1 minute 30 second sprints. I'd have to say that I nearly died. I honestly almost threw up twice. The wind was blowing right into my face and I was pedaling as hard as I possibly could. I tell you what, it made the trip back rather easy. So, I took a few pictures.

And on another note. I have a new goal for next year. A triathalon. I have done a marathon, a century, a ride across South Dakota (with team mates), however, I can't swim. So, I'll have to figure out how to accomplish that task.

The triathalon I would like to do is an Xterra event at Iron Creek lake. It is an off road triathalon consisting of a 1K swim, 22K bike and an 8K run. I'm trying to get my wife talked into doing it as well but she's a little hesitant. I think it's going to be a goal for me!



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