Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Constitution Day

It's Constitution Day here at work today. We get a free lunch... yippee (sarcastic)

I wish I wasn't so busy at work. I wish work wasn't such an important part of the American lifestyle. We are so caught up in our work, we can't find time for our families, fun, activity and time to ourselves. That is probably why the American population is getting heavier by the second.

We have to go to McDonalds for lunch because we get a total of 5 minutes off for lunch, and that's assuming your boss doesn't have a list of crap for you to do 10 miles long in which case... you wouldn't get a lunch.

Work is what people do to pay for crap they don't need. I admit, I am one of those people who likes to have "stuff". I don't need most of it but I like to have it.

Some day soon (hopefully), Angie, Oli and I will be able to just pack up and leave. We're going to go somewhere new, different and full of adventure. There will be no 401K, there will be no 8-5, there will be no mortgage... just adventure. I don't know where this place is going to be, but it's going to be great not being tied down to a job, house and things.

Work blows!

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