Monday, September 15, 2008

The Night the Carpet Came.

Tonight, we look for carpet. There will be no biking, there will be no running and there certainly will be no outdoors. We will be searching for the perfect carpet which will finally deem our basement livable. Cheap carpet that is durable, looks nice and will last a while is what is on our minds. Something which will give Oli a place to fall over backwards while sipping on a bottle and not crack his skull open is what is in order. Oh, we'll find it. I'm not worried.

I have 2 offers on my bike. It will either be headed to MN or Virginia. I should know by tomorrow where it's going. Then I will have to round up a box and prepare it for shipping. Any ideas on what it costs to ship a bike. I'm guessing $35 or so but I really have no idea at all. I wonder if my fantastic local bike shop would help me out.

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Tez said...

Good luck with the carpet!

I would check with your LBS to see if they have any boxes.