Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Move Update...

Well, it looks as if we will not be moving this week. We were supposed to close on our house on Thursday. This past Friday we got word the buyers have been denied of their loan. Our mortgage lady stated that she could give them a loan. However, this process will now take an extra 2-2 1/2 weeks to complete. They have to change their loan type which means more inspections and more appraisals.

I will never sell another house again. This has got to be the worst experience ever. On top of that, I made a delicious cup of coffee that I would pour into a travel mug and enjoy on my walk to work this morning. The thing I didn't account for is all our cups have been packed. So, I instantly said screw it and walked without my morning joe.

I don't even care so much about the cup. What I do care about is the fact that half of our house is packed up and we are in a very uncomfortable state and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it other than wait. Waiting we are doing.

We've been told the worst case scenario is closing on the 19th and best case would be the 12th. It's only an extra 2 weeks, it shouldn't be that bad unless you've been told 3 separate times when the closing will be just to have the contract broken and changed once again.

I'm getting very close to saying screw it and we'll keep our damn house. But, we need to move. We need more space. Well, need probably isn't the right word, it would be very beneficial for us to have a slightly larger and differently organized house.

So, we're back on the waiting game.


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Tez said...

That sure would be frustrating plus a person NEEDS to have their coffee in the AM in order to survive and or let others survive!