Friday, June 5, 2009


I think I'm going to start tracking my monthly bike vs car items. I know a couple friendly bloggers who do it.

1. Biking Brady
2. Minus Car

It seems like a great idea and will be even more impressive to me when my commute is greatly increased if we ever get to move. However, I think it's still valid and will prove that I am out to do my part.

This new big commute that I will have to do seems to warrant a new bicycle. I know our friend Snakebite rides a Surly Big Dummy which I do find quite appealing. However, I could be persuaded to ride a Kona Ute which is very similar to the Big Dummy. I would have to order one either way through my favorite bike shop, Acme Bicycles.

The question remains, which bike shall I get and how will I justify the expense. So, comment back on how you think the expense can be justified. These are the things I have considered.

1. Gas savings from driving a 16 mpg truck every day.
2. I can pick up groceries on the way home.
3. It will serve as a hauling vehicle when things need to be hauled.
4. It comes pre-installed with over-sized panniers.
5. It looks cool.

So, post your comments, I'll compile them and post all the reasons why I should have either a Big Dummy or Ute.

Get out and ride.


bikingbrady said...

Big Dummy!

Happy Rider said...

Why a Big Dummy over the Ute? I need hard evidence here!

Snakebite said...

I've seen Ute's but have never tried one out.

I can attest my Big Dummy (or Xtracycle conversion if you prefer) hauls all I've thrown at it. I like the versatility of the xtracycle components and how the bike itself rides under load. I've had mine up to 40 mph on a heavily loaded downhill and the thing tracks wonderfully.

I can't compare one to the other since I've only had one. But I can say I'm completely satisfied with my Dummy.

Happy Rider said...

I like the price of the Ute a little better. $900 bucks will get me a fully capable Ute, however the Big Dummy frame and fork runs for over $1,000. Thanks for your opinions.