Monday, July 13, 2009


I finally did it. I rode my bike to work from our new location. I was going to make a test run prior to the actual trip but decided that was never going to happen. It's a decent ride. 7.2 miles if I go on the bike path for most of the distance. I have to ride a little on Hwy 44 and on St. Patrick street. Neither was nearly as horrifying as I was expecting.

The ride was relatively easy. There are no real climbs or decents or... mostly rolling. The ride home will be a little more difficult as more is uphill but it still shouldn't be too challenging. Plus, I need to get in shape for the Dakota 5-0 so a little climbing will suite me good.

It took me almost exactly 30 minutes. I can deal with that. When I worked at NAU and only had a 3 mile ride, it took me 27 minutes because of a giant hill. I like this new ride better.

I feel great!!!

Now, get out and ride!

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SD_pedalpower said...

Good for you. I am about 32 minutes for 6 miles on the way to and about 25 minutes on the way home.

Ride On!