Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Love

I think I found a couple new loves last night. I've always been a big fan of Masi bikes, but something came over me.

Masi 1

and the other

Masi 2

I really like the CX. It's versatile, has options to throw racks and fenders on it and just plain looks sharp.

I'm trying to decide if getting a commuter bike would be worth it. I've sold 3 of my bikes as I am trying to downsize. Really, I can't ride all six at once anyway.

In my perfect world, I would have my mt bike (Kona Kula Supreme) which is the perfect mt bike for me. It's fast, fun, has good components and will work exactly what I want it for. The other would be a touring/commuter bike. Something I could go and ride long and far and also throw some racks and fenders on for a nice ride to work. 2 bikes. That's it.

I'm in desperate need to clean out my garage and sell some junk. Once all that is accomplished, maybe I can take the money from my sold bikes and the junk I sell and purchase the Masi.

On some Interweb site I found a place where I can determine how much money I will save by riding to work instead of driving. It came up to 700 something per year. I actually thought it would be more than that since I drive a truck. Although, my ride is considerably shorter than my drive. The ride is about 7 miles each way and the drive is closer to 12-15... So, I bet if I punched in those numbers, it would give me a completely different outcome. This of course leads to the bike purchase as being an investment or more of a necessity. Well, not quite a necessity but basically in one year, the bike will have paid for itself and bikes can last for a long time!



Snakebite said...

I'm still deciding on the "optimal" number of bikes. I think I can justify two more, taking me back up to six.

Get (one) of the Masi. It will really tie the room together.

Happy Rider said...

I think the Masi would definitely tie the room together nicely. It seems a little heavy right now.