Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kula Supreme Souped up

I got my bike back from the bike shop yesterday. Oh man is it nice. I went from some old Truvativ cranks and bottom bracket to a nice new Shimano SLX crankset and bottom bracket. It is smooth as butter. I really wanted to go XT but didn't want to shell out the extra cash for it. 

They also did a little tune-up. They said my front derailliur was all messed up (I didn't realize cuz I never shift out of the middle ring) and the rear deralliur was falling off the small sprocket. Again, I had no idea since I never shift there. Apparently I should be riding a single speed since I never shift. I suppose that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Never shift? Must be flat where you live!

Happy Rider said...

Nope, I live in the Black Hills. Very very hilly actually. I just like to pound away at the gears.