Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Alright, here at work, the group of people I work with are running Apple computers. We are intertwined in a pretty large company where everyone else uses Windows based computers. We have a printer in our area that we plugged into the network and all of us Apple users are able to print to, no problems. Well, we now have another person in our area who uses a windows based computer and she wanted to print to that printer. The IT guys came down and asked how we got it to work. I said, we plugged the printer into the network and we each added the printer and it just works. Well, he did some research, then found out they had to add the printer to their print server in order for our new Windows person to print to it. Well, they did that and now half of the Apple people can print to it and the other half can't. The windows person still can't print. We contacted the IT person and he replied with, "well, ask Dan... (me) because his would still print." Well, that's all fine and dandy, but they screwed around with the printer, gave it an IP address and added it to their print server... none of which I have access to. So, my question is "Why can't we print?" It's pissing me off that I am not an IT guy although I do like to troubleshoot and I will give it my best try before asking someone, but still... come on guys, the IT people are here to deal with these things and they blow it off. Not cool!

But on a good note, I rode my bike today.

And I get to help a buddy put together a bike he just got in the mail. A new Iron Horse mountain bike that is pretty!

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