Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I helped a friend of mine put together a snappy new bike last night. He bought it from a bike store in Boulder, CO. It is a nice pretty Iron Horse hard tail 3.0 that was a great price. It is a lower end model which is cool. He doesn't really ride alot anyway. He had an old (I mean old) Novara bike that I think I just swindled from him. He told me I could have it! Weeee, I now see a great single speed grocery getter bike in my future.

Anywho, on to the purpose. As I was putting all the components on his bike, I really started to have a yearning to update my mt bike a little. It's a 2006 Kona Dawg that has been ridden pretty hard. 2 major crashes is all. One left me in stitches and the other left my back very scratched up. Both left the front wheel taco'd.

So, I decided to put together a list of parts that it currently has and then find the parts and price of the components I would like to update it with. I have yet to do that part.

However, I did come to the conclusion that the components on my bike are HEAVY! Like 18 pounds of heavy and it does not include that stem, peddles, frame or the rims. That means that my road bike weighs about the same as the components on my mt bike. Yikes! I mean, sure, I do alot of rougher riding on the dawg but come on. I think the bike as a whole weighs pretty close to 38 or 39 pounds.

I know it will never be a weight weenie bike or anything, which I am totally fine with, but I would like it to go on a diet. If I could get it down to about 32 pounds I would be happy. With everything I've read, it won't be hard. Maybe expensive, but not hard. These are a list of my first (hopefully) upgrades (I don't have brands or models of anything yet)

fork (I'd really like the Fox Talus $$$$)
Rear shock (I'd really like the Fox DHX coil 5.0 even though there is no weight savings here)

So there we have it. My main goal before the Dakota 5-0 this year is to upgrade the wheelset and tires. I think that will make the biggest difference in my riding performance.

Oh, and maybe I should put my fat ass on a diet as well.


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