Thursday, February 21, 2008


Old age must be settling in a bit early. Last night I was trying to fix our bed frame (it is bent due to a cheap frame) and I hurt my back. I was leaning over and I felt the muscle pop... Then, down I went into an old heap of pain on the floor. I couldn't move. The wife was giving the boy a bath and when she came into the bedroom, she just looked at me and asked "what happened?" I quickly replied, I hurt my back and I can't get up. She helped me into the living room where I remained for the entire night while switching from heating pad to ice. I took a bunch of IBprofin this morning and my back still hurts, but not as bad. I can at least function.

What I was the most upset about was that I missed my roller ride last night. I was pretty mad, but I couldn't stand up much less sit on some rollers.

Maybe tonight, we'll see.

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