Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We need to put some insulation in our attic to reduce the amount of heat loss. I know we need it because the home inspector told us so a year and a half ago. We haven't done anything about it yet. I really need to get that going.

It would actually be quite nifty to make it into another room. It's a huge space and it would be absolutely amazing to utilize that space. I'm really not sure how though. We have an old house and to put stairs in to get to the attic would be very tight and cramped. So, we'll probably just insulate and call it good. Maybe some this weekend. Who knows.

Monday night I talked about going for a ride or a run. I didn't. Instead, I opened a bottle of gin and some tonic and had a couple drinks. It was almost like working out.

Tonight Angie works late so it's just Oli and I. We probably won't do anything too crazy. Eat supper and that's about it.

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