Monday, November 17, 2008

Training Continues

I haven't done any sort of training or exercising in over a week. See, a week ago Thursday, we had a large snow storm that kept us house bound, then we also didn't come to work Friday. So, that means I didn't work those two days which also means that I didn't get paid for those two days. So, I spent my lunch hours working last week to make up at least a few hours. Now, my training resumes this week.

I think I might change it up a bit though. I am going to start doing more endurance type training with a little weight lifting. More running and riding and less lifting. I'll still go to the gym, but it's time I start building a good base for when my serious training starts in February for the endurance bike races I'm planning. 1 being the Leadville 100 and the other Laramie Enduro and of course the usual Dakota 5-0.

I need to look up a good cycling lifting plan. I also need to start spending some time outside on my bike. With the wife's approval, I should ride my bike to work on Tuesday and Thursday since I lift on MW&F. We ride together everyday to work since we work at the same place and we drive Oli to daycare. I like seeing him off for the day. Spending time, although limited, on the bike would be very good for me.

I need to write an article for the Safe Routes to School newsletter. It's short, 175-225 words, but I seem to have writer's block. I know what I want to write about, I just can't seem to get words on the paper. Ugh!

It's a new day, smile, be happy and do something for someone!


bikingbrady said...

We need to get the coalition website up...then you can write an article and refer to it so we can get the increased traffic! :-)

Happy Rider said...

yes you're right... I think I am going to take off the joomla or whatever it was that i used cuz I think it's crap. Get a nice WordPress site or something. It's easy and quick...

Now I'm thinkin!