Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Battle that will be Won!

I feel that my new conquest in life is to get stronger, leaner and compete. 2009 has to be a year that I try and do well in the Dakota 5-0, compete in Leadville for the first time and run the Boulder Boulder. You've all heard this before, but I feel that I am right on track to begin some good training at the beginning of '09.

I have started weight training and doing some moderate running on the treadmill. It really makes me feel good. Today, I only ran for 5 minutes, but I wanted to get a decent upper body workout in. I did chest and back and some shoulders. Monday will be a legs day. I'm going to try and fit in some cardio over the weekend. Probably a 3 mile run or something with small intervals mixed in.

I really need to get together a training plan. I'm horrible at doing something if it isn't written out ahead of time for me. Maybe I'll do that this weekend too.

Anyone who reads this crappy blog have any ideas on training? Winter training and then some good running and biking training for the spring? I'll take anything that is good.

I know what my goals are, I don't know how to reach them without the right training.

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