Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Far

So far I've been doing well with my workouts. The main thing I'm missing is my cardio, but I'm getting in the weights. Yesterday I lifted legs, then today I went for a 40 minute run.

I didn't track mileage.

I ran for 10 minutes, stopped to stretch the IT band, ran for 10 more, stretch, run for 10 more, then I did 5 30 second sprints followed by 1 minute of running and 30 seconds of jogging. I finished it off with a couple minutes cool down running. It felt good, but my legs are pretty mad at me now after lifting and running.

Monday - Lift Legs
Tuesday - Jog 40 minutes with 5 - 30 second sprints
Wednesday - Lift Chest & Back
Thursday - Jog 40 minutes
Friday - Lift ??? Arms, Abs
Saturday - Off/Cross Train

I need to get another cardio workout in. It will probably be on Sunday.


Tez said...

I think my whole body down to my eyelashes would be mad at me!

Snakebite said...

This is a good two day split:

Day One - (In this order) Legs, Chest, Triceps

Day Two - (In this order) Back, Shoulders, Biceps

Work Tris on Chest day since they get involved while doing a chest workout anyway. Work bis on back day for the same reason - their already warmed up and have been used some. Work them that way so you're not inadvertently working them on consecutive days (that's bad).

You can work abs, calves, land forearms every single day if you want due to their density. All other muscle groups you should let rest at least one day and two would be better. Don't work them if they're still sore from the previous workout. As you get going, this waiting time will get less as your body gets use to it.