Friday, October 17, 2008

Just the two of us

It was just Oli and I last night. Angie is at a retreat in Keystone for work so it was just the boys. We did alot. I got something yesterday (Angie doesn't know yet). I aquired a practically brand new foosball table. It is in perfect shape and is super fun.

My old boss moved to Missouri and he was emptying out his house for the last few days. I asked him what his plans were for the table and he told me I could have it if I would move 2 couches for him. I jumped right on that one and loaded it up and took it home. Oli and I set it up last night and I diddled around with it a bit.

Today, after work we are heading back to Miller for some hunting and family time. We also get to see some people that only come around once a year, these strangers are from Wisconsin. They've been coming hunting for about 5-10 years now. Great people.

Oh, and I will probably drink alot of beer. Have a good weekend.

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