Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day off

I'm taking the day off today as far as workouts go. I need the rest before the hill climb and xc race on saturday. My legs are pretty tired.

Not much else in the way of news. We're making very little progress packing for our big move. I did get the majority of bikes moved from the garage to a storage shed so I know they're safe. I did keep the two I ride frequently at home so I can keep an eye on them.

One quick tip. If you have quick release wheels on your bike, make sure before every ride they are secure. I didn't have one fall off, but after my ride yesterday, I was pushing my bike to the garage and heard a rattly noise. I checked the wheel and sure enough, the quick release was very very loose. I'm sure if I would have had to pop a wheelie, the wheel would have fallen right off.

So, check those wheels.

Get out and ride. And if you're not doing that... help us pack!

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