Friday, May 15, 2009

Did you bike?

Did you ride your bike today? It's bike to work day so I sure hope you did.

I had a good ride last night. My shifter broke though which irritates me slightly. Kelly and I rode Bone Collector and South of Heaven, then rode up a 3-4 mile climb on a logging road. Then down the switchbacks we went up. It was a super fun ride. I did my first drop in a while. Not real big, maybe looking at a 1.5 foot drop. The entrance is pretty sketchy which made it nerve racking for me.

There were a couple sections on South of Heaven I'm not quite prepared to tackle yet. For the most part, I was able to keep up. My legs are rather pissed at me since I had to ride in the middle ring the entire ride. It was definitely a good work out.

I have one picture of Kelly doing a good sized drop. I would have posted it, but I can't find my camera case with the cable in it. So, you'll have to wait.

get out and ride.

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