Monday, May 11, 2009


I rode M-Hill with a couple guys on Saturday morning. There is a new section of trail that is just awesome. It climbs up to the top, then goes down, then you can turn around and go back up, circle around the top of M-hill then cruise back down. It was about 8 miles and every minute of it was stellar.

The main thing I noticed is how incredibly slow I am on a bicycle. The 3 dudes I rode with are great riders and completely fit. I thought I was going to be in pretty good shape since I've been running alot lately. However, I now realize that running does not equal fast on the bike. Fast on the bike equals riding the bike. So, I'm going to mix things up a bit and start riding in the mornings and running less.

I mean, I was spanked on the climbs and my handling was quite sketchy on the downhills. I kept up for the first climb, but after that, I was toast.

So, this morning, instead of doing my 2+ mile run, I decided to go for an hour mt bike ride on the road. 12.6 miles is what I accomplished. I think I still was able to average a little over 14 miles per hour. No, I didn't quite ride a full hour if you were doing the math.

I'll do another ride tomorrow... only on M-hill again. Come join if you're in town. 5:40am at the fish.

Get out and ride!

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