Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The wife and I took off this week so we could be home with Oli. We have no daycare so we thought this was the best. A little mini vacation.

I have gone for a mtn ride 2 days in a row. Skyline yesterday and the new Buzzard's Roost today. So fun! I love bicycles. You see new adventures, ride nice trail, spend time in the woods and getting some movement.

I've been lacking in my postings quite a bit. Forgive me, I've been spending little time on the computer. I'll try and get back to a more regular schedule next week.

On another note, I'm pretty sure I'm up for a new challenge next year. I'm going to sign up for the Leadville 100 (100 mile mountain bike race in Colorado). Angie gave me authorization to do it. I'll need to drop a few pounds and get in much better shape. I'm sure I can do it, I just wonder how fast I'll be able to. It's a random draw so there is no guarantee that I will get in. I can only hope. If not, I might have to try something else.

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Tez said...

Sure you just want to ride with Floyd at Leadville next year (if he is going to ride)...haha..just kidding. I am sure you can do it! Good to see you are back on-line! Have a great rest of your vacation.