Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Run Ride

I went for a ride yesterday while my friend ran. We went up M-hill and we went up the side I usually come down. It is very steep and very rocky. Needless to say he beat me to the top pretty easily. I think he was averaging 7:15 miles where I wasn't anywhere near that going up. It actually made me a little sad to think that I am so far out of shape that I can't climb better than that. I actually thought my fitness was coming around. All that means is that I have to step it up in training here for the next few weeks. More climbing and push harder when I do it. Right now I fall into a comfort zone and I don't push too hard nor not enough. But it is just the right amount so I won't get any faster or better. It was good that I went with him cuz now I know.

I must push on.

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