Friday, July 11, 2008

More stuff

Today is now the day the NAU web site will go live. Probably within the next couple hours. There are many changes left to be done, but it is a dramatic improvement.

We are heading to Wagner still. It's extremely windy out so I do not think I will be riding the motorcycle. I would now really like to take my bicycle so I can get some riding in. Even if it's just one ride. I guess Sunday evening 2 of my teammates will be setting out for a 25 mile ride. Hopefully I can join in but it all depends upon the time we return.

I'm very frustrated with the online Tour de France coverage this year. I'm looking for online video and it's difficult to find something. Especially in English. If anyone who reads this crappy blog knows of a live streaming video source for TdF coverage, let me know.

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bikingbrady said... Check out the Eurosport coverage on "Justin TV"