Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My Dawg (Kona) is in dire need of some tender loving care. I'm pretty sure it needs a new chain and if not a chain right now, it needs to be lubed. The front fork needs some air, the front wheels needs to be trued (or replaced). I actually bought a wheel off ebay for $15 that I need rim tape for. The brakes need some help, possibly even new pads. I'd like to clean and re-grease the headset and bottom bracket. I could use some new grips and I need to change the peddles and put on the clipless ones again.

My road bike is pretty much ready to go for the Gut Check though. I might do some minor maintenance to it but nothing serious. It doesn't get nearly the abuse as the mountain bike so everything seems to last a bit longer.

I'm riding M-hill today. Should be good climbing practice and good heat stroke weather.

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