Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Happenings

I'm pretty sure Oli has the crawling thing figured out. He is just starting to make forward progress. It is so wonderful watching him grow and become more and more "human".

I signed up for the Gut Check today. We are having another leap frog team this year. It consists of 4 people instead of 5 like last year. I really would like to do it solo, but I haven't had nearly enough training time to go at it, so I opted to join my fellows for another team try. I also need to sign up for the Dakota 5-0 as well.

Another new item on the list is the NAU Web site will be changing either today or tomorrow. I have been working non-stop on the new site since May and it was on hold for about 6 months, so after almost a year, it will finally come to fruition. I'm excited and very nervous as well. I have many new responsibilities regarding the site and it has been called "my baby" by our network administrator. So, I guess if something happens to it, it's my fault. Also, once it goes public, everyone will know about it if something goes wrong and it will be my door they beat down.

We're heading to Wagner this weekend for Angie's family reunion. I am riding the motorcycle and Angie, her sister and the 2 kids will be in our car. I would love to take the bicycle but there is just not enough room and I haven't the money to finish the roof rack on top. If anyone out there has any bicycle mounts for a Yakima rack that they want to sell, let me know. It should be nice weekend of hanging at the river, eating food and enjoying good company.

I will do better at posting.

Go Garmin Chipotle!

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