Thursday, July 17, 2008

Single Speed World

Oli got me a gift certificate to my LBS for single speed parts for father's day. I went there a couple of times and they finally figured that they will have to order me the conversion kit for the freewheel. It came in 2 days ago and Angie and i went and picked it up yesterday. I got it all put together last night and made a little cruise with it. I know I need to change the gearing. Right now I am running a 32x18 which is pretty tough for mountain riding. It wouldn't make a bad city cruiser but that really isn't my intension. I need to get a 30x20 or 30x22 for the hills out here. I also need new breaks (the whole shebang) and I need some handle bar grips. Then it'll be ready to roll.

I'm really pretty excited about it. I've been wanting to try the single speed thing for quite a while but never had the opportunity. Not many people ride single... I only know of a handful.

I need to take some pictures so everyone can see my creation. I would like to strip the frame down and have it powder coated a green color but I'm not sure if it's really worth it.

A friend and I are doing the Catron, Sheridan Lake Road, Skyline loop again today over lunch. It should be a good time and a nice workout.

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